Commercial / Industrial Leasing

Our Customers Asked for It and We Listened and Delivered

Our anchor customer screamed words a PG rated web-site cannot repeat when he found out what a commercial/industrial leasing package would cost both in terms of initial down payment and ongoing costs. He already had the cost effective Condo manager Software for his day to day operations but he still required the cost distribution, reconciliation and income statement information for each of his investors.





  • DREA provides full reporting including CAM distribution, budget profiling, dashboard reporting, income and expenditure statements, CAM Reconciliation, and portfolio reporting.
  • DREA is Microsoft Office based and can read any database Microsoft Applications can
  • DREA uses Microsoft Applications to produce its reports
  • DREA reports are quality controlled by a professional accountant
  • DREA provides customized reporting to meet your unique needs
  • DREA works for commercial, industrial and retail systems
  • DREA has a dunning system to advise you of rate increases and expiring leases
  • DREA can add customized messages
  • DREA can assign individual costs to be picked up by individual tenants and well as costs distributed to all tenants
  • DREA can bill triple net, double net, gross, net or on any other lease type desired.
  • DREA can bill on activity based costing including on cubic feet, retail sales or any other activity
  • DREA is an add on service providing monthly reports based on a fixed fee, priced from our menu services
  • DREA reports are are password protected and emailed to you every month
  • DREA reports are backed up offsite
  • DREA reports can handle custom changes to the tenant profile report
  • DREA is provided for a fixed monthly contracted fee per reporting unit

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