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Independent Condo Boards Deserve Professional Responsive Accounting Services

Independent condominium boards have many different levels of financial and accounting controls and reporting in their buildings. Those working with competent property management companies usually receive very competent professional reports. However those, who are self-managed usually run the gamut of reports from soup to nuts and sometimes these ingredients are mixed together.  If you are unsatisfied with your current accounting and reporting, or even bookkeeping, let us help.
If your auditor is finding mistakes and errors in your financial statements or funds that are not properly accounted, we can help. As professional accountants we are obligated to assist in ensuring our clients’ accounts are correct. As perfectionists we are further obligated to ensure that the condominium reports are understood and easily interpreted.

The strength of our systems are the accounting and delegation controls that are in place requiring that at least two individuals approve every cheque and that one of the signatures on any cheque belongs to the designated Board member(s). Online access to the financial statements ensures that the information is available 24/7 from around the world wherever you have an internet connection. We have proved this while on vacation in the Caribbean and cleaning errors on a client’s bank account. We
communicated our results to the client via Skype, leaving the client fully satisfied with our service.


We understand the needs of Condominium Boards and are very willing to design unique reports to match your needs. Our applications are custom designed for Ontario Condominiums in strict accordance with the Ontario Condominium Act. With our total condo and accounting experience exceeding 75 years call us today for a free consultation.  We guarantee to work with your Board and property manager in an efficient and professional manner. We will  save both the Board and the property manager time each month with our streamlined and concise control procedures. Our services include custom reporting; working with the external auditor and being available at all Board meetings to present the financial statements


The software we use is customized exclusively for the condominium industry including many condominium based features including but not limited to:

  • Full resident information including banking, insurance carrier, emergency contacts, parking space number, pets or they have any and other relevant information such as if a resident is handicapped so that emergencies are properly responded. etc.
  • Full condominium board information including telephone numbers and other contact information
  • We provide electronic work orders tied directly to a unit and the accounts payable if it is a chargeable expense
  • We can send mass emails to resident, owners, tenants, board members etc. including ballots and financial statements
  • We can display individual unit financial statements on a secure website as well as the annual financial statement of the condominium.
  • We provide separate financial statements for operating funds, reserve funds and commercial properties.
  • We provide full budget and variance reporting both in numbers and charts
  • We can also report on rented units and commercial units


  • Easy Conversion to our system
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Improved economies of scale
  • Full Compliance with the Ontario Condominium Act
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Greater Control
  • Improved Data Back up
  • Auto Generating Offset entries
  • Context Sensitive Help
  • Segregated Operating and Reserve Reporting
  • Simple Funds Transfer
  • Increased Control Over Written Cheques
  • Built in services to Minimize Your Workload

No Obligation Consultation

Call President Andrea Silman RCM, at 1-855-561-4589 for a free no obligation consultation. She will discuss your needs and recommend solutions that match your needs and environment. As you will see below, we stand behind our work and offer our guarantee, as spelled-out below to all our clients. Call 1-855-561-4589 today and seesignificantly improved results soon!!!!

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We Guarantee

We GUARANTEE TO PAY FOR ALL OUR MISTAKES should any penalty or fine be assessed due to our error.