Condo Services Agency Now Offers

Free Consultation for Independent Condominium Managers

Inarguably, so many condominium managers have stretched their capacity to manage activities relating to their condominium properties, but not without the supervision or expert guidance from a professional condominium accounting agency so as to ensure efficient management of their property management systems. Being a leader in condo accounting services, Condo Services Agency now offers free consultation as well as free conversion to independent Ontario condominium managers.

Having significant background and experience for many years, Condo Services Agency has a proven track record on accounting support and financial reporting as far as condominium activities are concerned, and its operation are in compliance with Condominium Act of Ontario. Today, the accounting firm boasts of highly intelligent and experienced accounting personnel, and this has given the firm a cutting edge in the industry.

According to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Condo Services Agency, it’s been observed recently that many property managers who manage their properties have begun to lose control of their financial accounting, owing to the boom in regulations and requests within condo sector of the Canadian economy. “Obviously, the need to outsource accounting and financial reporting to outside agencies has dawned on many condominium managers today,” the CFO reveals.

In a recent interview with Mrs. Andrea Silman RCM, co-owner and president of Condo Services Agency, confirms that most condominium managers want to manage their condominium properties to minimize overhead costs and maintain control over some major corporate assets.; but then, things might get out hand if an expert accounting firm is not hired to offer professional support on the most important aspect of any business or organization, which is accounting. “Instead of making money, they could be losing money. Contrary to such notions, I would say that outsourced condo accounting is cost-effective. Fees are always charged based on the needs of a client,” she adds.

Interestingly, Condo Services Agency now offers free consultation to all Ontario condominium property managers who would like to obtain expert support on condominium accounting -related services, which include monthly or yearly financial statements, daily bookkeeping, accounting and financial reports on properties, and payroll-related services. “It’s our corporate desire to offer high-quality and efficient data processing to our clients at competitive quotes. As for January 2014, prospective clients can also take an advantage of our free conversion offer,” CFO affirms.

For more information on Condo Services Agency and the January 2014 free conversion offer, or to request for quotes, go to www.condoservicesagency.comor call 647-773-7139 for a free consultation.