Full Accounting Support

To Condominium Managers across Ontario

Condo Services Agency, one of Canada’s top condominium accounting firms is now offering their full service accounting expertise to property managers throughout Canada. The company is led by two executives, one of whom has over a decade of experience managing condominium properties and the other who is expert at all matters dealing with accounting. The recent boom in condominium building throughout Ontario has left many condominium boards struggling to keep up. Often these organizations are managed by individuals who have no background in condominium accounting.

According to Andrea Silman RCM, one of the Condo Services Agency owners, “We find that many of the condominium corporations we deal with are using outdated or inefficient accounting systems so we encourage all condominium managers to evaluate their systems and see where they might need assistance.” The company offers condominium managers many reasons to choose their services, including increased operational efficiency, improved data access and greater flexibility. The company conducts all of their work in accordance with the Condominium Act of Ontario and all other governing legislation required for condominiums. In addition to basic services, the firm specializes in handling sensitive material and can offer superior data back-up solutions.

It is notable that the firm’s primary clients are condominium managers this team of experts understands any and all issues related to condominiums website at www.condoservicesagency.com or by calling 647.773.7139 to speak with a company representative. The company is currently offering a free consultation and free conversion to any condominium manager who wants to explore the opportunity of outsourcing their accounting tasks. Condo Services Agency also has a presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.