Services Agency Shows Specialized Commitment to Independent Managers Who Want Greater Productivity


A critical look at the condominium industry shows that several self-managed associations, full management communities, independent property managers and onsite management communities want greater productivity. Condo Services Agency now shows specialized commitment to independently managed condos that want greater productivity.

Without doubts, several Ontario condominium corporations and independent condo managers are now in search of alternatives that would help them to save time and money. In an effort to provide professional accounting systems, Condo Services Agency now shows its commitment to independent condominium managers who want greater productivity in their property management efforts.

Looking at the industry today, it would be observed that independent managers have access to relevant resources that would contribute to the successful running of their property.

“Since it’s not cost-effective, it might not be necessary to take up the full responsibility of a condo property management corporation. The best bet is to adopt a hybrid management system,” states the Chief Financial Officer of Condo Services Agency. According to the CFO, the hybrid system refers to a situation whereby the independent manager involves an outside agency that would take up critical aspects of their condominium accounting and financial reporting.

“It’s no news today that most Ontario condominium corporations have begun to harness the importance of outsourced accounting and financial services so as to save time and money,” he adds. While speaking on the expert roles of Condo Services Agency in the industry, the CFO points out that the condominium accounting agency is specialized on helping clients who have self-management condominium structure, but who need external support to ensure that corporate objectives are realized as inexpensively as possible and with greater effectiveness.

Outsourcing saves time and energy for board members, and managers. It would help condominium corporations to focus on other aspects of management and getting more satisfied residents. He states further thus, “At Condo Services Agency, we can handle a wide variety of day-to-day accounting tasks which can be broken into the 3 major areas of operations, that is, Accounts Payable, Account Receivable, and Financial Reporting. Our system is error-free, clean, transparent, fast, and money-saving.”

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