Mekko Charts

Merrimekko or Mekko Charts are a wonderful way of providing tremendous amounts of information in a picture. This is particularly relevant for property managers who must think in a three dimensional pattern.

You can see in an instant by the proportion of colours and size of boxes on where to concentrate your efforts. You should ensure when you review your reporting that your system provides the type and format of information you require.

Another useful example of a Mekko Chart for commercial managers is the scheduling and monitoring of lease expiry dates in shopping centres and ensuring that each lessor is approached in the quarter before the expiry of their lease. To help manage the workload the Mekko chart below would be complemented by a dunning list of each lease and client details and history.

There are many issues with which property managers have to deal. Providing a graphical interface makes managing a bit easier. There are some obvious drawbacks to Mekko charts such as:

If you have too many variables, the differences become small and insignificant.
Sometimes such as with the second chart you need to include numbers in the body of the chart to help signify magnitude.

Mekko charts are usually produced as a byproduct of Excel tables. However the Mekko chart function is usually an extra add-on. Our preference is to display Mekko charts as a percentage to better understand the relativity of the numbers.

This is an educational item and a service we provide where appropriate to our accounting clients. In that light, we thought that you might enjoy this information.