Are you searching for the Best Property Management Company in Toronto for your Condominium Corporation?

"Condo Services Agency" is the #1 organization for helping the proprietors and the Condo Corporation find property management that meets your need and exceeds your expectations.

What is the role of the property manager

We deal with residents and boards to ensure that we keep your property values as high as possible, while concurrently ensuring that the common areas are well maintained.

We try and work with minimal disruption to the enjoyable make progress toward tranquil property administration. You can expect extravagance administrations with "Property Management", where we offer the accompanying property administration administrations:

Provide proper accounting while giving the owners ready access to their financial statements.

Provide financial information in compliance with the  Protecting Condominium Owners Act Bill 106.

Ensure that quality services are received while keeping costs to a minimum.

Maintain the property to meet maximum standards.

Provide regular newsletters and information updates to residents.

Maintain good resident relations and always provide an honest answer to problems.

Guarantee that an initial response is provided within 4 working hours in addition to the 24/7/365 emergency service.


We believe that providing honest, responsive services built on professional sustainable business practices we can grow together. We provide residents and buildings with 24-hour emergency repair services. We minimize the cost of repairs and maintenance using contractors, vendors, and handymen who have proven their worth and reputation.

Our management record includes:

More than 30 years property management.

More than 40 years accounting management.

An excellent and honest reputation.

Knowledge of condominium laws and regulations.

Proactive personnel stopping problems before they happen wherever possible.

We handle all issues properly and competently. Feel free to call us for a no-obligation proposal at 647-773-7139