Self Managed Condos

Condo Services Agency offers efficient and reliable accounting services to self-managed condominiums. Our mission is to deliver convenience to the Board, our clients so that they can focus their efforts on enhancing the quality standards of their condominium facilities and give a better lifestyle experience to their residents.

Condo Services Agency is the most dependable and trustworthy partner for accounting services. We have been engaged as the accounting services provider of choice for several self-managed condominiums, and our success is evidence of our expertise and competence in the work that we do. In the coming years, we are looking at our business growing at an accelerated pace by attracting new clients by building an enviable reputation among our competitors.

Managing a condominium involves a myriad of tasks for the management team ranging from maintenance to property development and administration. Accounting adds a heavy burden to the regular administrative affairs, for which many self-managed condominiums are not adequately prepared. Many of such condominiums hire professional accountants or bookkeepers on a full-time basis to do the work for them. While they offer satisfactory services, the condominium management is required to pay them a full-time salary or fee, which can add considerable pressure on the finances since professional accountants demand an attractive sum.

The value that Condo Manager offers is that we deliver high quality accounting services with additional features that are specifically condo designed to reduce the workload at a fraction of the price that you have to pay to a full-time accountant. Because we serve multiple clients at the same time, you only have to pay for a small portion of our overheads and other fixed expenses. Therefore, a great proportion of what you pay Condo Services Agency depends only on the amount of time actually spent on managing your accounts. We are able to distribute our costs efficiently across our clients, so the overall cost you incur on our services is much lesser than what you would offer an in-house accountant.

At Condo Services Agency, we offer the same suite of services that a professional in-house accountant provides at a higher cost or it is not condominium specific. For a fraction of that cost, you can outsource your accounting and bookkeeping tasks to Condo Services Agency. Our team of expert, qualified, and experienced professional accountants will perform everything from routine bookkeeping, payables and receivables management, capital asset management, and controllership functions.
We also offer consultancy for various issues such as legal proceedings and insurance payments. With all the costs you save with Condo Services Agency, you can in turn invest those in your Capital Replacement Reserve Fund and thus contribute to the appreciation of your property value.