Harness Your Commercial Leasing Power

Condo Services Agency is pleased to announce our new commercial/industrial Leasing package. The software package meets all your commercial needs as it was designed by both experienced property managers and an accountant specializing in property management. We GUARANTEE that it meets 100% of your standard leasing needs or we will modify it absolutely free of charge. We are that confident.

Commercial Leasing depends on the following 10 commandments:

  • Common Area Maintenance (CAM) budgeting and charges must be fully flexible and show detailed recording, reporting, and reconciliation.
  • Distribution of CAM costs must be on a different basis than just total square feet. For example a warehouse with 50 foot ceilings costs more to heat and maintain than a warehouse with 14 foot ceilings.
  • In addition to CAM costs there must be capability of reporting and automated charging of insurance, other direct incidentals all charged directly to the unit.
  • CAM reconciliation must be done annually and on demand.
  • The must be income statements at the unit, property and investor level.
  • Automated dunning systems for lease renewals save time and money avoiding vacancies.
  • Maintaining a historical record of each tenant allows more personalized control and receivables management.
  • Automated rent changes including the management of free initial move in allowance is a major time saver.
  • Management of HST must be a natural by-product not something delegated to the in-house accountant.
  • Because every client is unique, no lease should be considered standard.

5 Reasons to Use Condo Services Agency:

  • All services provided for one low monthly fee that does include any software development costs.
  • Implementation of Pre-Authorized Payment and EFT to Suppliers Included.
  • Budget calendarization analysis is seldom exactly divisible by 12.
  • Prices only vary with number of properties, not tenants, not transactions and not leases.
  • We do not manage property as a sideline, so we support you, not compete with you. Being a retired property manager, I am here to support you and your firm.
As you can see, we understand commercial leasing and property management. Call me for an absolutely free, no obligation consultation to evaluate your business model and see what we can do to save you time and money. I promise that this is not a hard sell but a genuine consultation.You will be pleasantly surprised by the power we can add to your portfolio.

Andrea Silman, RCM

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